Renew your relationship in the Heart of Georgian Bay

Some couples feel they might benefit from more intensive support than traditional weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Couple Intensives are an option for couples who would like this alternative. I offer half-day, full-day and two-day couples counseling sessions. Intensive couples therapy is available on weekdays and Saturdays.

Couples may opt for Intensive Sessions for a number of reasons:

Not everyone finds it easy to schedule weekly or bi-weekly sessions for couples therapy. For some couples, it can be easier to schedule a full day away from work or family commitments than it is to manage recurring appointments.

Standard couple sessions are sometimes not long enough time to make substantial headway on complex relationship problems. If your issues are overwhelming, you are facing a big decision, or you need a block of time to explore your issues, an intensive session could be helpful. These longer sessions allow us to delve deeply into your issues and spend the time needed to make real progress.

Some couples would prefer a private retreat option. With an escape from the stresses of your daily life, an intensive relationship counselling session gives you time to focus on your relationship without distractions. Couple intensives are not a group program. Only you, your partner, and the therapist are in the room. Your confidentiality is assured.

Take a break from the ordinary and renew your relationship with some special time together. Intensive sessions are not just for couples in ‘dire straits’. The sessions are an opportunity to rebuild closeness with your partner and prevent future problems.

My office location in the ‘Heart of Georgian Bay’ serves clients from Midland, Barrie, central Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. My office location is a convenient 90 minutes from the intersection of Hwy 400/401.

Intensives are suitable for couples counseling who are prepared to invest time and money to make rapid progress, but they are not for everyone. If there is violence or intimidation, intensive couple counselling is not appropriate. My clients’ safety is my highest priority.

Prior to an intensive session, couples will need to complete a confidential online couple evaluation. This assessment allows me to understand the issues facing you as a couple so we can hit the ground running.

Download the Couples Intensive Information to view more details on the process and rates, or contact me directly to discuss your situation.